Prof. Sankar K. Guchhait

Professional Experience

Associate Editor, RSC Medicinal Chemistry Journal

Post-doctoral and doctoral Research Experience, Education

Current Research Area

Synthetic Organic Medicinal Chemistry

topoisomerase IIα inhibitors, Microtubule-dynamics inhibitors, DNA polymerases inhibitors,

and their SAR studies

specific antileishmanial agents


pharmacophore motifs; Exploration of patentable bioactive chemotypes

relevant physicochemical properties

bond functionalization, Ylide chemistry, Synthon-based approach, Green chemistry

Awards and Recognition

Programme (BioCARe), proposals submitted in the area of Compounds of Medicinal Utility

(The American Chemical Society appreciated with a certificate)

cover art image in one of the issues (April, 2015) of the ACS Med. Chem. Lett.

Lectureship and Fellowship, Govt. of India, 1995

Membership to professional organization

Invited Lectures Delivered