Research Interests

Research Area: Synthetic Organic Medicinal Chemistry

  • Anticancer drug discovery: Design and synthesis of heterocyclic compounds as human DNA topoisomerase IIα inhibitors, Microtubule-dynamics inhibitors, DNA polymerases inhibitors, and their SAR studies

  • Antileishmanial drug discovery: Design and synthesis of heterocyclic compounds as target-specific antileishmanial agents

  • Network-linked polypharmacology-based drug discovery

  • Natural product-inspired, Scaffold-hopping, and Choice-based change medicinal chemistry strategies

  • Creating new from clinical trial agents and drugs; Exploration of patentable bioactive chemotypes

  • Identification of target-specific unique pharmacophore motifs

  • Structural modulations linked to pharmacodynamics, drug-likeness and pharmacokinetic-relevant physicochemical properties

  • Synthesis of natural product-based compounds (structural elaborated, simplified and analog)

  • Synthetic methodology development: Construction of pharmaceutically-privileged heterocyclic molecular skeletons, SAR/molecular diversity-enabled approach

  • Chemistry: C-H bond functionalization, Ylide chemistry, Synthon, Isocyanide-based reactions, Catalysis, Green chemistry